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DOYLESTOWN, Pa –   After years of providing trusted restoration of faded vinyl for major siding manufacturers, Vinyl Renu™ is now available to homeowners on www.vinylrenu.com in a convenient Do-It-Yourself kit.  The siding industry has trusted Vinyl Renu™ and its Certified Master Dealers to restore their customer’s faded siding problems.  Now, in a smart move by CEO, Richard Winget, the product is now available for individual property owners.

Mr. Winget explains that he used Vinyl Renu™ on his home with amazing results.  “We purchase a home recently and the siding looked to be in good shape.  Every time it rained my siding looked darker and richer in color.  I tested a small area with Vinyl Renu™ from our laboratory and it looked brand new.  As a result we used Vinyl Renu™ on our entire house.  Even our landscaper asked if we resided our home.”  Mr. Winget explains that putting Vinyl Renu™ on his home prompted him to develop the idea of individual DIY kits.  “Every property owner should be able to make their property beautiful without having to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to do it.”

When homeowners apply Vinyl Renu™ they see dramatic and immediate results.  The shutters are restored to near new color and luster and the proprietary formula includes protective agents which deter fading and resist the growth of mold, mildew and algae.  One homeowner sent in a letter and told us that “. . . my siding actually looks brand new!  It’s amazing.”  Mr. Winget goes on to state, “That kind of feedback solidifies our purpose which is to help homeowners see and feel that their homes’ exterior is beautiful through this very simple, convenient solution to a problem most homeowners have.”

The product is available in a convenient kit which contains a gallon of a professional strength vinyl cleaner and two gallons of Vinyl Renu™.  After cleaning the vinyl or metal siding with Vinyl Renu™ Cleaner, simple application with a brush is all that is needed.  It dries clear, preventing the need for “taping off” and making the job easy to do.

An additional benefit that has environmentalists taking notice is the potential savings to the environment.  The product is low V.O.C.  and is environmentally friendly.  But the greatest positive impact Vinyl Renu™ use has on the environment is that its use prevents tens of millions of square feet of old siding from going into the earth’s landfills where they stay for thousands of years.  In addition it saves the energy required to recycle them or extrude new siding reducing our energy requirements and reducing our environmental foot print.

Vinyl Renu™  is poised to take this market segment and position itself as the original and best restoration product and kit customers go to when they want to improve the beauty of their home’s siding.