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Our Happy Customers Review Shutter Renu

Our happy customers love to give us great reviews for vinyl shutter restoration products.  We love to hear from them.  When you try our product and send in your pictures and testimonials we will offer you a refund on your shipping, just to say thank you!

But this product is amazing! They look brand new

We recently purchased Shutter Renu to help renew our 17 year old shutters. We were a bit skeptical at first, but this product is amazing ! They look brand new. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to renew there old shutters.


Shutter Renu Customer

Excellent product. My first application lasted for ten years …

Excellent product. My first application lasted for ten years and I now just did the second.
Makes vinyl shutters look like new.

W. J. Weise

Shutter Renu Customer

Take a look at the results of my application of Shutter Renu on my home in August 2014.  If you look at the shutters today they look as good now as they did then.

I have confirmed that if a shutter was painted previously, you can apply Shutter Renu over the paint and while it will not bring back the original vinyl color (as it did on my shutters) it will protect the painted shutter.

Thank you for an excellent product.

Shutter Renu Reviews

Ed Seman

Shutter Renu Customer

This stuff worked beautifully to restore the shine and bring back their original …

I bought this product to restore the 35 year old shutters on my house which were heavily oxidized and faded. This stuff worked beautifully to restore the shine and bring back their original luster. Originally, because my shutters were in such bad shape, I considered buying new shutters but came across this product instead. Couldn’t be happier with the results. The final outcome is absolutely amazing!! The oxidation is completely gone and the shutters look brand new. I am so excited to have saved hundreds of dollars by using this product instead of having to buy new shutters. Can’t wait to try this out on other outdoor surfaces on my home that need restoration.


Scott Walbridge

Shutter Renu Customer

Our shutters looked terrible and appeared ready for replacement

This product works well. Our shutters looked terrible and appeared ready for replacement. Shutter Renu made them look pretty much like new. Even if the reconditioning doesn’t last as long as promised, it’s still well worth the purchase. Professional painters applied the product and one bottle just covered all 18 of our front shutters. I would use this again.

One Dimp

Shutter Renu Customer

I almost replaced my shutters, so thankful to have found this first!

I’m blown away with the outcome. My shutters were extremely faded and I was ready to replace them. I was very skeptical on using a product like this but figured it was worth a shot. I ordered this product and a product by 303 to compare. I tried each product on a shutter as a trial and the difference was amazing. Shutter Renu made the shutters look brand new. Note: I ended up doing all my first floor, some shutters I used the cleaner and some I did not. I cannot tell the difference between the two but I assume some situations would require it or they would not sell it. I ended up only doing one coat and they look new, however I plan on doing a second coat. I’m shocked, I was about to replace them. This product is amazing. I highly recommend it!


Adam T.

Shutter Renu Customer

Works Wonders!

Purchased this product to see if it would work on the 14 shutters on the front of our house. I am truly amazed by how well it worked. The cleaning process took most of half a day including taking them down, but the painting on of the restore liquid took two people just over an hour. It really does work. The shutters have been back on the house through three violent summer torrential rain storms and still look as good as new. We did have to replace all the plastic fasteners which were damaged beyond reuse. We got them from our local home improvement store with a (close enough) color match. I think the pictures are a little deceiving, because the shutters did not look this beat up before we took them off the house, I think the cleaning process removes residue and makes the shutters look slightly white in pictures. Very happy with the results. Will update this review in a few years. It says repeat every 10 Years! I’ll let you know!



Shutter Renu Customer

Saved me $100s

Works very well. See one panel with shutter Renu and second before application.

George Joseph

Shutter Renu Customer

Look like New

The product does what it says.

I cleaned with a 2:1 ratio because the shutters had alot of oxidation/chalkiness and they have a wood grain texture. After the shutters dried I applied the Shutter Renu product using a Paint brush and followed up with a sponge brush to spread the product and reduce the foam. I put on two coats of the Renu product.

I’m hoping the product will holdup thru our northern Illinois winters. I’m very satisfied with the results.



Shutter Renu Customer

Saved me 400$

I was pretty sceptical at first about this, but after seeing that it would cost me 400$ to replace my shutters, I decided to try it! Our shutters were 16 years old and very chalky. They get northern exposure light. After cleaning and putting two coats of restore on they look great!

The first photo is what we started with. Chalky and faded shutters. Second photo is the chalky shutter next to one with one coat of restore on it. Third photo is one with one coat of restore and one with two coats of restore!

Tip: make sure you get all the bubbles out! I saw a video saying to use q-tips for the corners which worked perfectly. If not it’s white and shows. Also don’t do in direct sunlight. Dries too fast and you can’t get the bubbles out.

A weekend project but not a hard project. You need to let them dry out of direct sunlight.


Tina Foster

Shutter Renu Customer

In the end they look good but it was a lot of work.

So the final result looks great but I am pretty sure that painting them would have been much faster. I removed all the shutters from my house to do this. If you can’t remove them then maybe this is easier than painting. Here are a few things I learned:

-A little goes a long way. I have a major fear of not having enough of something so for my 20 shutters I ordered the Gallon size. I have about a Gallon left.

-Based on the fear just mentioned I also skimped on the application of the cleaner and ended up doing them twice as there was really no difference from the way they looked pre and post cleaning. This held true for even the 2nd cleaning. In fact I first power washed them all then used the cleaner 2 times and the shutters always looked the same, very oxidated.

-I followed someone else’s comment from the reviews and got a kitchen cleaner sponge with the green abrasive side and scrubbed the heck out of the shutters. This took all day and it was brutal. The shutters looked better after this but not great, no idea what would have been my end result without this step though.

-Applied 2 coats of Renu and the shutters looked good. I recommend working in a well lit area as it got dark while I was doing this and the shutters I did during the day looked better as I missed less. In the end I figured no one would notice from the street so I was good with the result.

-It is a lot like working with Polyurethane but a little easier. If you have experience with that then applying this is a breeze.

I do wish I would have just tried the power wash and apply the Renu and seen the result. If that worked then it would have been a 5 star review as that would have been super easy. See my before and after shots.



Shutter Renu Customer

(cleaner works best this way

This product works, but requires you to work too. The secret to this is scrub, scrub,scrub the shutters to remove all chalkiness from them before applying product. The way I did this is remove shutters from house then onto sawhorses, applied cleaner non diluted to shutter , (from spray bottle)and scrubbed with course nylon brush,(cleaner works best this way. diluted solution mixed as in instruction was not cleaning as good) 4x Each shutter to remove all chalkiness, after drying,applied product with clean lint free cloth ,like staining wood and then with brush removed any foaming or bubbles ameditly- it will show if not removed (2-3 coats works best, dries to apply each coat in less than 30 min, was around 80* in shade)


Matthew Williams

Shutter Renu Customer

Worth the money!!

I had to restore some vinyl shutters that were seriously faded…some areas worse than others. The cleaner works well…pretty good agent that helped remove all dirt from shutters. As advertised, the restore formula brings original color back. Had to use 3 coats on the really faded sections. You could still see a little difference, but it can’t be perfect. Plus, it beat having to either replace or paint…I’d go with this over any other option.



Shutter Renu Customer