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What are the benefits of using Shutter Renu™and Vinyl Renu?

Can I use Shutter Renu™ to protect my new shutters and keep them looking new longer?
YES. If you want to keep that new look on your recently purchased shutters, then Shutter Renu™ is the solution for you. Shutter Renu™ is an excellent product that protects your new shutters AND protects your patio furniture, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, front door, garage doors, shutters and many more surfaces. However, we recommend purchasing a Vinyl Renu™ DIY kit for larger jobs at the time you purchase your siding, doors, patio furniture or other product.

Apply Vinyl Renu™ ONLY after at least three months of weather exposure. Failure to wait may reduce the longevity of Shutter Renu™ or Vinyl Renu™. We also strongly recommend cleaning your vinyl siding, patio furniture, front doors, garage doors and other surfaces with Renu™ Cleaner to remove processing oils left on during the manufacturing process of your investment.

How much will I save by using Shutter Renu™?
You will save money by using Shutter Renu™ versus buying replacement shutters. The least expensive shutters at The Home Depot are generally $20 per pair. High quality shutters can cost over $100 per pair. The cost to Shutter Renu™ and restore faded shutters to a like new appearance is about under $5/shutter. That’s up to a 2000% savings over quality shutters.

How much will I save by Using Vinyl Renu™
It depends on the quality of siding that you want to put on your home or the quality of siding already on your home. Inexpensive siding can cost over $3/square foot to apply. Vinyl Renu™ costs about 40 cents per square foot to apply. This can represent savings well over $10,000. For other exterior products, a typical property owner will save several times the replacement cost and often thousands of dollars.

Will Shutter Renu™ help resist mold, algae or mildew growth?
Yes. Shutter Renu™ creates an inhospitable environment for biological growth.

Will Vinyl Renu™ help resist vinyl siding or siding mold, algae or mildew?
Yes. Vinyl Renu™ will help resist the growth of mold, mildew or algae on vinyl siding, aluminum siding, metal siding, metal roofing, patio furniture and many more surfaces.