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How Shutter Renu™ Restores Vinyl Shutters

What is Shutter Renu?

A low VOC (volatile organic compounds), clear, environmentally friendly vinyl, metal and faded paint surface restorer and protectant.

Is it Water Based?
Yes, Shutter Renu™ is water based and since it is a water-based product, it cleans up easily.

Does it contain pigments, dyes or stains?
No. It is clear, so there is no need to tape or protect different, un-faded colored surfaces. We do recommend taping windows if you are using an airless sprayer.

Why is it better to apply Shutter Renu™ to my existing shutters than to replace them?

Your initial and long-term costs will be several times lower than replacing. Replacement shutters will fade just as your current shutters have unless you protect them with Shutter Renu™. In addition, new shutters cannot not prevent growth of mold, mildew and algae, Shutter Renu™ does.

Why not paint vinyl shutters?

Paint will give your shutters a painted look and you may lose the wood grain appearance of your shutters. Also, painting requires a significant amount of prep work and clean up, and paint will fade quickly. Shutter Renu™ is not pigmented and dries clear, so any splatter will not be noticeable. The only prep work after cleaning the shutters is to simply open the Shutter Renu™ container.

“Used shutter rent last year, shutters still look new. Overly happy with this product! Thanks ! “- Donald H, Kentucky