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Why Choose Shutter Renu™ Instead of Painting or Replacing Vinyl Shutters

Why is it better to apply Shutter Renu™ to my existing shutters than to replace them?
Your initial and long-term costs will be several times lower than replacing. Your shutters are probably in good shape and are simply weathered, faded or oxidized. Replacement shutters will quickly weather and fade and you may be facing the same challenge as you are now. With Shutter Renu™ and Renu™ Cleaner you can clean, restore and protect your shutters and many other weathered surfaces. Since Shutter Renu™ contains automotive grade raw materials, the protective shield it forms will ensure that you will have new looking shutters for years. In addition, Shutter Renu™ will resist the growth of most mold, mildew and algae for years.

I just wanted to let you know how well Renu worked for me.It is very easy to use with superb results by bringing the original color back to life.Quantity of product to do shutters is very accurate.Renu does not peel like paint would over time. This is the best for vinyl shutters!!
Thank You!”  Linda M

Why not paint vinyl shutters?

Paint will give your home painted look and you may lose the wood grain appearance of your shutters. Also, painting requires a significant amount of prep work and clean up and paint will fade like your shutters. Since Shutter Renu™ is clear you can eliminate nearly all of the prep work and clean-up mess. Shutter Renu™ dries clear and brings back the beauty of your shutters and many other weathered outdoor surfaces like vinyl siding, painted siding, aluminum siding, cement board, shutters, garage doors and front doors.

How long will Shutter Renu™ last?

You will have beautiful shutters for years. Longevity depends on proper prep work, the amount applied and where you live. In most areas of the US, Shutter Renu™ will last at least seven years and possibly more.